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Change in Strategy, the second standalone book in the Change of Hearts series is scheduled to release on March 26th.

Now that Game Changer has been published as an audiobook at the end of February, all my energy is focused on the release of this second book, an office romance, and my take on the boss/intern workplace affair. The story features Peyton Burke, who made appearances in Game Change as Brooklyn’s friend, who receives a coveted internship in L.A. with a men’s fashion design company.

Here’s the blurb and purchase links.

I knew this internship would change my life...

Thirty days ago, I received an internship with a design firm in L.A.

One day ago, I kissed a hot businessman in a swanky bar and then left him with a fake name and number.

Today, that sexy stranger is my new boss, and he’s not too happy when he finds out my real identity.

But that doesn’t change the fire that lit between us and now I have six weeks of trying to resist Brody Jensen.

He might be out of my league, but I’d be out of my mind not to give in to the chemistry threatening to consume us.

I know Brody is breaking the rules for me, but he’s not the only one.

Because I swore I’d never fall for the type of man my mother always warned me about— a man who is married to his job.

Too late.

Purchase NOW for the prerelease price of $1.99

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