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2022 Recap...That's All She Wrote

Four releases. That's it. Only four book published when my goal starting out in 2022, believe it or not, was supposed to be seven. And out of those four, NONE were in the second half of the year. WOW.

One solo Sierra book (The Wife Win), one solo K.C. Kassidy release (Pretty Boy), and the final two books in my joint co-written series with SE Rose (Ignited and Scorched).

This year I produced less than any other year since my debut year in 2014.

I missed my goal but I had REASONS.

Am I disappointed in this? Yes. But I'm also amazed that even with the challenges I faced (and still deal with today), that I was even able to accomplish that much.

The truth in all of this is I was forced to slow down and step back. Even though I wanted to do all the THINGS, I was physically and mentally unable to do it. And that's life. We can only do what only we can do. And that's okay.

The question I face now is what am I going to be able to achieve in 2023? Will I have to continue at this slower pace? Probably. But now that I know what my limitations are, I'm able to confront them, implement tools to enable me to write, and establish more realistic expectations of myself and my readers.

Because after all, life is a journey, not a race. Some days/weeks/months/years it will feel like a slog and you're barely squeaking by. But then others will be so amazing you'll be counting all the stars within your reach.

Here's hoping that 2023 is YOUR YEAR and you're the recipient of all the great joys life can offer.

As for me and my writing projects, I have two dates already locked down for the first quarter 2023.

The Rival Romeo (Book #3 Puget Sound Pilots) releases January 23rd and the first book in the new college football romance series with my co-writing partner will be coming at the end of March.

And then get ready for some HOCKEY with the Vancouver Vikings hockey team.

Wishing you Peace, Love, and Joy this holiday season and throughout the new year.

xx, Sierra

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