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Sweet Disaster Update...

I'm working hard at getting everything in order to release my upcoming book, Sweet Disaster, Book 4 in The Sweetest Thing series. The book should be coming out in mid-July.

This book features Kady Griffin (for those of you who have read the previous books, Kady is Cade's younger sister and Kylah's twin), whose misadventures in Europe lead her to meeting a strapping and hot basketball player, Gavin Lancaster.

Neither Kady nor Gavin are looking for anything serious. But sometimes, love finds you when and where you're least expecting it.

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My life is a complete and utter disaster.

One major screw up after another.

In other words - I’m trouble.

I attempted college, but made a mess of that scene, too. Chalk it up to yet another disappointment in my parents’ ever-growing list of Kady failures.

Deciding I needed an escape from reality, my best friend and I flew off to Europe, where we were going to have the time of our lives.

The only problem with that plan is that I ran out of money after two weeks, and now I’m stuck in Florence, Italy with no means of getting home.

See? Trouble finds me wherever I go.


All I ever wanted to do was play basketball.

It’s all I’m good at.

I bypassed college and went straight to the pros. I’ve been playing overseas in Italy for six months, gaining fame, fans and having fun.

There’s only one problem. I miss home. I’m not too big to admit I’m homesick for my family and friends.

But that all changed when I heard from Cade Griffin, a former college hoops star. He called and asked me to rescue his sister, Kadence, who’s stranded and alone here in Florence.

Seems easy enough, right?

Except for the fact that Kady Griffin is gorgeous, completely off-limits and a sweet disaster waiting to happen all over my life.

© Sierra Hill

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