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Stuck-Up Big Shot is Coming!

This past week I had the blurb and cover reveal for my upcoming book that will be included in the Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward’s Cocky Hero Club shared world. Stuck-Up Big Shot is a standalone book set in the world of Stuck-Up Suit.

I couldn’t be more excited about this! Not only do I get to work with the genius that is the writing duo of Vi and Penelope (have you read their books? AH-MAZING!) but I’m also in a collective author group with hundreds of other wonderfully talented authors. Some I’m even blessed to call my friends: Samantha Lind, Leesa Bow, Stacey Marie Brown, Sienna Snow, Laura Baird, Kelsie Ray, Evan Grace, Dakota Willink and so many more!

My book is currently with my editor and then will be sent to the publisher to review. Once it’s approved, I’ll be given a release date, which will likely be this fall – I’m hoping for a September release. And guess what else? It will be released in ebook, print AND audiobook all at once!

This book is fun, angsty, emotional and of course, full of steam. It features a lot of Graham Morgan from Stuck-Up Suit, who is friends and neighbors with my main male character, Miles. It also stars Blackie, Graham’s white West Highland Terrier.

Here’s the blurb. I’d love to hear what you think! Post a comment or shoot me a message.

Until next time, Be Sweet, Love Hard & Read Dirty. Xoxo, Sierra

Stuck-Up Big Shot blurb: The last thing I expected on the first day of my dog sitting job was a middle-of-the-night fire alarm.

Things go from chaotic to scorching hot when I run into my old crush, Miles Thatcher, on my way out of the building.

Talk about disastrous timing. I haven’t seen him in years – five to be exact. Since the day we buried his sister – my best friend. That was both the best and worst day of my life. It was also the day Miles kissed me – and promptly forgot about me.

Some things never change. He still has no clue who I am.

Miles is no longer the boy I fell in love with.

Now he’s just a stuck-up big shot with a big bank account and bigger ego.

I wish I didn’t still have feelings for him but seeing him again only makes me want him more.

If only Miles would finally ‘see’ me.

A lot can happen over five years, but time hasn’t erased the guilt he carries.

Underneath his fancy façade is a man who can’t get over the grief of losing his baby sister... or the regret of not being able to prevent it.

And I’m just the girl who can’t get over him.

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