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So Much Has Happened...

Hello Readers, it’s been nearly three months since my last blog post. Why the absence, you ask? Well, I’ll tell you. I’ve been busy traveling and experiencing life at its fullest. And it’s been awesome!

My husband and I went on an adventure of a lifetime in September when we went on a three-week trip to Europe. We spent time in France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria and finally Munich, Germany. I’d been planning this trip for well over a year and a half and it was nothing short of spectacular.

However, it threw a serious wrench in my writing schedule. Even after I returned October 1st, it’s taken me nearly a full month to finally get my groove back. But I’m back and I have such great things coming!

First and foremost, I announced in August that I’m part of the Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward publishing group called the Cocky Hero Club. *Cue Fanfare* This is a group of over 100 authors all writing original new books in the Cocky Bastard shared worlds. I’m ecstatic for this opportunity. My full-length book, STUCK-UP BIG SHOT, will be releasing sometime mid to late next summer. In the meantime, check out the amazing line-up HERE: and sign up for the newsletter to keep appraised of all the new releases coming in 2020.

I’m also writing an original DARK ROMANCE for an anthology that releases January 21st, 2020. My book is entitled Precious Gems, and it will be included along with 10 other originals in the Leave Me Breathless: Black Rose Collection.

Here’s the blurb for my story and purchase links:

One task. One job to earn my freedom from my father.

Sell the stolen jewel in Antwerp and go home. Then I’m out. Done for good.

But you can never trust the word of a con artist.

Freedom was a myth. Now I’m a prisoner to another man. The one my father double-crossed.

Faron Blake wants what he’s owed and won’t play this duplicitous game.

The deal has changed, and my innocence is now part of the new price.

Am I willing to pay the ultimate price? To give him everything?

And if I do, will I lose my heart to the most dangerous and mysterious man I’ve ever met?


And finally, remember when I published Game Changer in July? Well, a few weeks after release, I got an audiobook publishing deal! I signed the contract right before I left for Europe and when I returned, I was able to select the narrators, and they will begin producing the book soon. I can’t wait to share more with you in the near future.

That’s it for me right now. Until then, I’m off to finish writing Precious Gems and will begin my next project, the next book in the Change of Hearts series, Change in Strategy (A Boss/Intern Romance).



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