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Releasing 4 Books In 30 Days Is Exhausting!

What in the world was I thinking? Oh right, I wasn’t. *smacks forehead*

When I set out to write and publish my 3-book serial, Reckless – The Smoky Mountain Trio, I wasn’t quite sure on my strategy for releasing the books into the wild. I received feedback from some author friends who suggested I release each with a two-week gap in between. So I scheduled Reckless Youth to launch September 18th, Reckless Abandonfor October 2nd and then I had to push out book 3, Reckless Hearts to October 23rd, because I was also publishing His Fairytale Princess as part of the Halloween Honeys collective on October 11th!

In 30 days, I published 4 books! Am I insane? Probably. But it was the best challenge in the world for me and I have such a feeling of accomplishment knowing I did it. Will I ever do it again? Oh, hell no! I’m not that crazy. Or am I?

Anyhow, I made it through and today I’m celebrating the release of His Fairytale Princess, a novella that’s included in The Halloween Honeys 14-book collective series. They are all short, fun and sexy novellas set on the fictitious college campus of Oak Ridge University. Each heroine is a sorority sister in Mi Alpha Alpha (cute, huh?) and they are all standalone books.

And then the final installment of Reckless is set to publish on all platforms October 23rd. These three books and three characters, London, Cam and Sage, have been some of the best I’ve ever written – and I can say that only because of the review feedback I’ve received from readers. This story is unlike any other ménage out there and I highly encourage you to give it a read!

Here are all the Purchase Links for each book. I hope you enjoy!

xoxo, Sierra

Reckless Youth (Book 1)

⭐ iBooks, Kobo, B&N:

Reckless Abandon (Book 2)

iBooks, kobo, B&N:

Reckless Hearts (Book 3)

His Fairytale Princess (Halloween Honeys) –

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