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Reckless Youth releases on September 18th...

Reckless Youth, part 1 in the three-part, epic, MFM/MMF love story that spans the course of 25 years. The Reckless serial has drama, love, betrayal, sacrifice and of course, lots of steamy MFM and MMF action.

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Here’s what advance readers are saying:

“DAANGGGG this was HAWT! The best kind of romance read! Delicious and sexy! Hot and perfect. Sinful and sweet. I adored this book!!!”

  • Leslie McAdam, Author of The Stars in the Sky and All About the D

“This is a deliciously sweet, tender, angsty, sexy read.”

  • Monica, Goodreads reviewer

Reckless Youth synopsis:

Conventional wisdom says you can’t love two people, but I’ve proved that wrong. Because I did.

I’ve loved two boys in my lifetime. Two boys I grew up with; boys I laughed with and cried with and eventually fell in love with.

Our love morphed into an overwhelming devotion eventually opening our eyes, bodies and hearts to a very different type of love.

A Forbidden Love.

A Lustful Love.

A Doomed Love.

They say that the heart isn’t meant for that kind of duplicity, but my stupid stubborn heart never listened.

Loving them was a necessity, something akin to breathing.

Nothing could keep us apart.

Until that fateful night - the night that tore my heart into two equal, broken parts.

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