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Love Comes In Three...

I hope everyone’s summers have been full of sun, fun and lots of books! And just in case you didn’t get enough heat, I want to share with you a scene from my upcoming MFM ménage serial, Reckless.

I initially developed the concept and storyline over a year ago, but due to several mitigating factors, it took me a year to start writing the book. And because of the epic nature of the book and the span of 25 years in their lives, each character will have their OWN book. Each book will be published separately and there are cliffhangers in the first two.

But don’t you worry…the books will publish in sequence with only two-week gaps in between, starting September 18th (*subject to change).

I’m excited for you to meet London and her two loves, Sage and Cameron, in their epic love story in Reckless – The Smoky Mountain Trio.

​Teaser Excerpt:

The air in the truck cab sealed off like a lid on an airtight container, vacuum sealing our stalled breaths. Cam’s hand tentatively wrapped around the back of my neck, his fingers threading through my hair and pulling my mouth to his, stealing the sips of air that escaped my lungs, his lips curving over my mouth. I opened for him, his tongue penetrating and eagerly exploring, reclaiming what had been his all those months before.

Without realizing it, my right hand searched for Sage’s, who remained silent next to me. Upon finding it, I clasped it tightly and pulled him in closer. My body screamed for his touch. For the connection. I couldn’t bare for him to feel left out. It felt undeniably good to have Cam on one side of me and Sage curled against my back, his thigh pressed snugly against me. My body was like an inferno, bursting into flames so hot it felt I was coming out of my skin. Sage’s breath turned ragged, a sexy sound that expressed his desire at what he was watching. Cam groaned into my mouth in the same manner.

Pulling away from Cam, I licked my lips to find Sage staring at us, his expression a mixture of awe and raw hunger.

“Sage,” I whispered, uncertain how to tell him that I wanted him, too.

Instead of words, I showed him. A longing bubbled up from deep inside my belly as I leaned forward and grazed his lips with mine.

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