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Keeping Myself Busy with Two New Book Ventures...

Whether it’s an obsession or good traits to possess, I’m a list-maker, planner and an obsessive goal-setter. It’s what has really kept me going during this time of pandemic and frankly, has been keeping me sane.

Because of that, I’ve arguably spent a lot of time hitting my task list and goal planner hard to achieve the goals I established at the beginning of the year and get shit done. Two of those things became a reality this month.

First off, I’m excited to share that I created new video content for my YouTube channel. I’ve rebranded my channel with new images, slogan/tagline, and a new focus – to create video segments about my books, my favorite reads, and interviews with other indie authors. I’m so excited about this new venture and with it I’ve included a new giveaway.

Go to my BookTube channel and check out Episode #1! Then post a comment to enter into my gift card giveaway – but hurry – it closes on May 22nd.

The second goal I’ve tackled is I’ve curated a group of 15 indie contemporary new adult authors (well, technically 14 including myself), and created a brand new shared-world series called All American Boy. This series will all be standalone books with some cross-over shared world content and the books will be released starting in late January 2021.

I’m so excited to announce this list of authors, as well as the giveaway you can enter to win a $10 gift card.

All American Boy authors:

Sierra Hill

Renee Harless

Evan Grace

Leslie McAdam

Stephanie Kay

Stephanie Browning

Remy Blake

Marika Ray

KL Humphreys

SL Sterling

Poppy Parkes

Kimberly Readnour

Nicole Richard

Emily Robertson

Kaylee Ryan and Lacey Black

To enter, just join #LIKE our Facebook page (where you can learn all about the upcoming books in the series) and then complete the raffle form!

A winner will be announced on May 29th!

So that’s what I’ve been up to this month so far. It’s kept me very busy and my brain occupied with all sorts of forward-looking things, so I can keep my mind off of the current pandemic crisis.

More to come soon!

Be Sweet. Love Hard. Read Dirty.


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