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It's LIVE!!!

Sweet Little Lies, the final book in the standalone college sports series, is NOW LIVE! It’s a bittersweet end to this series that I’ve been writing for the better part of the last two years. I am going to miss these beautiful and flawed characters!

Lance and Mica’s story in Sweet Little Lies is…well, it’s a rocky road to their forever love. It’s fraught with desperation, expectations, addictions and racial biases and jugdments.

Here’s what readers are saying about it:

“This is a very sexy read full of passion, lust, longing, forgiveness, pain, secrets, drug addiction, but most of all a fight for the one true love.”

“I felt every possible emotion. From devastation to joy. And everything in between. These were characters, with real issues and flaws.”

“Sierra Hill has completely killed it y'all, with this near-perfect series…building anticipation for every new one and I'm crazy sad to see it winding down. Each book is a little different, unique, better, and brings something fresh to the table. And this one did not disappoint at all.... exceeding my expectations for Lance.”

“This story is gritty, emotional, heartbreaking, humorous, sexy, beautiful, and filled with angst and love. This talented author has written a phenomenal story, which had me hooked and captivated throughout.”

I’m so glad that so many who have read Sweet Little Lies have enjoyed it. I love to hear that readers find it brings up so many emotions, because that’s what writers aim for. It’s the highest praise we can receive to hear that we’ve made a reader feel something in the depth of their souls.

This release for me was an emotional one. Even though it’s my 11th published novel, it didn’t release without some difficulty. There was an error in the file that was transmitted and published through Amazon Kindle. If you preordered a copy, unfortunately due to a snafu in the Kindle Direct Publishing system, you received an incorrect book file. I want to make sure you receive the CORRECT copy!

Although Amazon has said they will send out a new one…I’m not going to hold my breath. So please email me directly before you read the book.

If your Kindle copy DOES NOT have a Full Table of Contents with 34 Chapters, an Epilogue, A Disclaimer or a Playlist, then it’s not the right file. Please email me so I can get you the right format.

And for my readers and romance enthusiasts, I still have a RELEASE DAY GIVEAWAY open now through Feb.10th.

ENTER HERE for your chance to win a $25 Amazon gift card, signed print book, full ebook backlist of The Sweetest Thing series, PLUS swag (US only please):

Available NOW on all platforms:

iBooks, kobo, B&N:

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