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Something BIG just happened! As of March 11th, my former Sweetest Thing series (5-book college sports) got a makeover. All new covers, titles and series, but same great stories of the college basketball players and the girls they fall for.

​I absolutely loved writing this series and always heard from readers that they loved the old covers. However, the covers and titles just didn’t fit in with the sports romance genre because they looked and felt too “sweet.” So, I’ve changed the look to my hot new athletically and aesthetically pleasing covers that are distinctly basketball/sports.

If you’ve read the series before, the book content has not changed. Only the exterior is different. But if you haven’t read these books, now’s a great time to do it! I’m also putting the first two on Kindle Unlimited for the next three months.

The new series is entitled Courting Love (A College Sports series):

Old Book New Book Purchase Link

Sweetness Full Court Press

Sweet Girl The Rebound

Sweet Summer Love Pivot

Sweet Disaster Fast Break

Sweet Little Lies Jump Shot

If you’d like to order a signed copy of the “old” covers, please complete the google order form. I still have several in stock. CLICK HERE!

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