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Hot New Hockey Romance And Pride Month Releases...

Holy Moly Hockey Sticks! I just released my latest sports romance, Playmaker, published by Sarina Bowen’s Heart Eyes Press and part of her World of True North Moo U series. Along with my two other author cohorts, Melanie Ting (Snowballed) and Andi Burns (Goalkeeper), these three books rounded out the final releases in this fictional college team series.

It was such an honor to have been invited to participate in this series – the brainchild of my author idol, Sarina Bowen. I’ve been reading her for years and she is one of the authors I’ve worked to emulate myself after. She’s not only a powerhouse in new adult college romance genre, but also a marketing genius, IMHO.

All 10 books in this series can be read standalone and they are just downright fun! They can be found on the Heart Eyes Press website and on Amazon KU and Audible.

And if you haven’t caught up on my BookTube interviews, you should definitely check out the interviews I’ve had with three of the other authors from the Moo U series: Jaqueline Snowe, Kat Mizera and Victoria Denault. You can find them here on my Sierra Talks Books with Authors BookTube channel.

AND…just in time for Pride Month…get ready for my debut LGBTQ release, C*ck Blocked, writing under the new name of K.C. Kassidy. I am so excited for this new MM romance featuring Grayson Darling, a Hollywood “it” guy in search of hideaway for the summer when he meets up with gritty and gruff Irish sheep farmer-slash-innkeeper, Niall O’Reardon. If you enjoyed the RomCom movies, Leap Year and Notting Hill, give this MM book version a try!

I hope you’ll give both of these books a read and enjoy the beginning of your summer.

Until next time, Be Sweet.

Love Hard.

Read Dirty.

xx, Sierra

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