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Happy New Year! Here’s what’s in store for 2018

Don’t you just love the start of a new year? It’s that time of year that prompts us to re-examine our lives and get our shit together by cleaning, organizing, revamping our diet and exercise plans and creating that list of goals we’ve want to accomplish.

For me, it makes me excited! I’m a planner by nature and love writing down my goals and plans for the year ahead. Especially as a writer, it’s a must do, otherwise the writing doesn’t get done.

In fact, I created my first Vision Board for 2018 this past weekend. It’s a great tool to help you VISUALIZE what you want for your future. It can contain images, words, phrases or quotes – whatever will keep your goals in the forefront of your mind so you can achieve what you desire.

This year, my Vision Board includes the following:

  • Write Romance – I have 4 books planned

  • Win a Writing Contest – I’ve submitted Sweet Summer Love into the RWA Rita Award contest and will submit others throughout the year

  • Seek out and Sign an Agent – especially a Foreign Rights agent so I can publish and translate my books into foreign languages

  • Stay Healthy and Do Hot Yoga routinely – enough said

  • Take a trip to Alaska – I’ve wanted to do this for a long time

As for my books, here’s what I’m planning:

  • Sweet Little Lies (Book 5 in The Sweetest Thing series) – releases Feb.6th and is the FINAL book in the series…however….I have a spinoff planned…

  • Change of Heart series was born out of my desire to stay within the college romance – so I have a 3 book series I’ll be writing over the next year. The first book and characters can be found toward the end of Sweet Little Lies.

  • Physical Connection (Book 3.5 in The Physical Series) – my first m/m gay romance

  • The Reckless serial (3 mini-novellas) – my first m/f/m ménage romance

  • Hole in One (A Standalone RomCom) – later this year

That’s what’s planned for now! But stay tuned…who knows what the year will bring???

Love, Joy and Peace to all of you in 2018,



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