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Giddy Up! Ride 'em, Cowboy...

The Flirt Club is at it again – this time, we’ve moseyed on out to the western part of the U.S. and written a shared world series entitled Big Sky. And as you guessed, it’s about cowboys. Yeehaw!

Eleven short stories from your favorite Flirt Club authors, including me, that will rope you in and tie your heart up with short, sexy and fun romance.

My story, Cowboy’s Kiss, features a sassy, investigative journalist named Avery Boone, who is sent for a week to the Longhorn Ranch to research and write about the perils and hardships that put strain on the ranching way of life.

Her tour guide is the prickly and equally dominating Cutter Lambert, a cowboy who is not very happy to be saddled with this annoying, yet incredibly attractive, woman who is disrupting his daily routine.

There’s a lot of snappy banter between the two and then they hit the trails where sparks fly, and the flames burn hot.

This story is an insta-love and an “HEA that doesn’t disappoint.”

Pick up your copy on Kindle Unlimited NOW for FREE.

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