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Fall News and Recent Releases

It's September already and oh, how I love fall! The cooler temps and changing leaves are so wonderful, as is football on Sunday afternoons and turning on my oven to bake some goodies. The cooler weather brings out the baker in me. I love baking pies and cookies especially if they are pumpkin and spice. But don't get me started on pumpkin spice lattes - because yuck. How do people drink those?

What I also love about fall is snuggling under a cozy blanket and reading new books. I have to admit, I didn't get a lot of reading done this summer, instead I watched far too much television. So I'm getting back at it and fitting more time in my schedule to read.

But I did manage to read a few books over the past few months:

  • Make Me Wilder by Serena Bell

  • Waylaid by Sarina Bowen

  • Exposed by Kristen Callihan

  • Someday, Someday by Emma Scott

  • Travis by Mia Sheridan

While I may not have read as much as I'd like, I did get a lot of writing done. Since July, I've written over 100k words! That's a ton of words for me. That includes my last two releases, Burned, my co-written book with S.E. Rose and my latest sports romance, The Girlfriend Game. Plus the second book in my co-written series and my upcoming November 3rd release, The Boyfriend Checklist, a small town sports romance part of the All American Boy series.

There's no rest for the weary! Maybe I should try a pumpkin spiced latte, after all. I might need the caffeine to keep me going with so many new books to come!

xx, Sierra

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