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Exclusive: First 2 chapters of Sweet Disaster

Here’s an exclusive from Sweet Disaster, Book 4 in The Sweetest Thing series, coming July 13th! Add to your Goodreads TBR now!

Chapter 1


My parents are going to kill me.

Not literally. Well, maybe…God, I hope not.

Once they find out what I’ve done and where I’ve run off to, killing me will likely be at the top of their list for punishment options.

My dad is a well-known criminal lawyer, so if they do murder me, they’ll probably get off scot-free. I wouldn’t blame them at all for being upset with me for what I’ve done, because this is the worst mistake I’ve ever made in all my nineteen years of life.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes, but this one takes the cake.

I’m what you might call a walking disaster.

Believe me when I say, I’ve fucked up a lot.

And now I’m in a predicament I can’t get out of on my own.

Every family has someone like me to deal with. The one they term the “black sheep” and the one they all shake their heads at whenever they screw up again.

It’s my lot in life. Growing up as the middle-child in a family of three, I had to find a way to stand out from my other two siblings, who are by most standards scientific geniuses. How could I possibly compete with that? I don’t have a head for math or science like either of them. My attention span and focus in the classroom is not my finest attribute.

I’ve concluded, while sitting here at a café in Florence, that my only option is to summon the help of my brother, Cade, who will undoubtedly flip the hell out and probably disown me. But I have no other way out of this mess.

Opening my Skype chat icon on my iPad, I stare at it like it has all my answers. I finally bite the bullet and hit the profile with Cade’s picture.

I barely breathe as it rings.

While it waits for a connection, I consider the one positive of this misadventure this time. It’s that both my brother, Cade, and sister Kylah, have stepped up to the plate to take the heat off me by dropping their own bombs on my parents this week. While I’ve been trekking across Europe with my friend, Isadora, Cade proposed to his girlfriend of a year, and Kylah announced that she’s transferring colleges and will be moving in her with boyfriend, Van.

The perfect diversions.

My hope is that my parents will be so frazzled over those announcements that it will keep them off my trail for a bit while I figure out the solution to this conundrum.

This little predicament that I’m in isn’t solely that I’ve been gallivanting around Europe with my best friend Izzy for the last two weeks, without my parents’ knowledge, but also the fact that I may have messed up my life by failing out of my first year of college. And I don’t plan on going back next year, either.

And if that’s not bad enough?

I’m now stranded in Florence, Italy without any means of getting back. My passport and wallet were in the backpack that was stolen from me last night at a party, leaving me with only the money I’d pulled out and tucked in my pocket.

Did I mention that I’m a complete disaster?

Cade is my only option and I pray he’ll be willing to help me out.

There’s always the chance he can tell me to go fuck myself.

As I wait for him to pick up, I take in surroundings to gather my wit. Florence, or Firenze as it’s known to Italians, is such a beautiful city – offering a peaceful solace this time of morning. Shop keepers are just getting around to opening their storefronts, sweeping the dust from their doorsteps and setting out their goods to sell the mass of tourists that travel this city every day.

I’m resolved to find a way to stay here for a bit longer because I don’t want to go home just yet and leave all this behind. I have exactly one-hundred U.S. dollars available right now. Given the Euro exchange rate, that accounts for barely enough for a hotel room, dinner and a glass of wine tonight. I could check into a hostel, but those can be sketch. And there’s bed bugs. Gross.

Honestly, leaving now would feel like I was giving up on this grand adventure, when I still have so many historic cities to visit. I’ve had my share of failures lately, and leaving in defeat would just be yet another one to add to my ever-growing list.

By the time Cade answers my call, I’ve put on my game face. Ready for battle.

But not too proud to beg.

The screen pops up with the image of my sleep-deprived and slightly irritated face of my older brother comes into view. He doesn’t look happy to see me. Then again, he’s never very happy to be in my presence.

Cade lets out a long-suffering sigh and rolls his eyes. “What the fuck, Kady? Do you know what time it is? It’s the middle of the night and I was sleeping, goddammit. Some of us actually have jobs that we need to get up for in a few hours.”

Oops. I forgot about the time difference in my need to fix my financial problems. It’s early here in Florence, meaning it’s the middle of the night back home in Phoenix.

Even though he’s seemingly angry with me, I’ve never been so happy to see his face. I smile as he turns on the lamp next to his bed and scoots back against his headboard. I see Ainsley stir in the corner of the screen, pieces of her long, black hair strewn across her pillow.

Cade started his new job as a biomedical engineer at a prominent hospital this week. He could have become a pro basketball player, but instead chose a profession where he’d work to find viable solutions to the world’s medical problems. And Ainsley, his fiancée, is on track to graduate next year with a nursing degree. They’re both amazing people who have their lives mapped out in front of them.

All I have in front of me are crumbs from my breakfast croissant. It sucks that I’ve ended up in this destitute predicament, because Cade will only give me more shit.

Biting my lip, I make my apologies. “I’m sorry I woke you up, Cade. I forgot the time difference. But I really need your help.”

I never plan on screwing up. Who does? With the school thing, I had every intention of buckling down, as my dad would say, and trying hard to hit the books. But I had so much fun partying with my new friends at school, that classes and coursework soon became irrelevant and weren’t a priority.

By the time the school year ended, I was so embarrassed by my lack of achievement that I couldn’t possibly go home with my tail between my legs, having to explain to my family how and why I flunked out of college and why I don’t plan to go back.

That’s why Izzy and I booked a flight to Amsterdam right after school ended and we’d decided to spend the next three months in Europe. I want to be inspired. Learn about other cultures. And meet as many gorgeous foreign men as I can possibly cram into the summer abroad. Izzy and I were having the time of our lives…

Until this teeny-tiny hiccup.

He scoffs. “Just like you forget everything important. Sometimes, Kady, you are the most thoughtless and self-absorbed person I know.”

I blink back hot tears and glance away, focusing on the old man across the piazza from me. He’s whistling a little tune to himself. In the short time I’ve been in Italy, I’ve noticed a lot of Italians whistle or hum as they go about their day. It’s rather sweet.

“Shit, K…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that. I’m just fucking tired. Real-life is exhausting.”

I wave his apology away with a flick of my hand. He’s right. I am self-centered and the definition of every other self-absorbed word in the dictionary. I’m completely opposite from Kylah. She’s the martyr and saint between the two of us. In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see a statue erected in one of these old cathedrals in her honor.

Saint Kylah. Revered by all.

Fallen Angel, Kady. A nuisance and a mess.

My voice is soft and remorseful. “It’s okay, Cade. I honestly neglected to remember the time difference. I’m really sorry. But I wouldn’t have called you now if it wasn’t an emergency.”

Cade moves from the bed and walks out into his hallway, closing the door behind him so as not to disturb Ainsley.

“Why? What’s going on? Are you okay?” His tone is now that of a worried big brother.

Apparently, I’m easy to read.

“Don’t be mad…”

Damn, this is hella difficult.

I hate having to beg and acknowledge I’ve screwed up. Especially with my brother, who already has a Savior complex. A few months back, just as he and Ainsley were getting serious, he helped her rescue her sister, Anika, who’d been abandoned by their mother. It was terrifying and everyone was in hysterics, but he kept his cool and did what he had to do.

“Oh Christ, what the hell did you do now?”

There goes all his concern. I scrunch my nose offensively, slightly hurt by his accusation. While he has reason to assume something bad has happened, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be calling, he doesn’t have to point out this isn’t a one-time isolated incident.

“Shut up, dickhead. I didn’t do anything wrong. Not technically. It’s just…” I stall, breathing in deeply to gather my strength. My determination. My mojo.

I think back to last night, and the party we attended after meeting some touring musicians from Denmark and Izzy’s harebrained idea to run off with the band.

She’d tried hard to convince me to go with her. “Come on, Kady…you have to come with us. I can’t believe you’d rather stay here.”

“Iz, I can’t just leave the country now. I have no ID and no money. I need to call Cade tomorrow to see if there’s anything he can do to help me get this sorted out. There’s no way I’m calling my dad.”

Izzy simply slammed her drink down, sending the contents sloshing over the edge, and told me that I was fucking crazy to give up this once in a lifetime opportunity. Maybe she was right? If I had gone with her, at least I’d be with someone I know right now instead of sitting at a corner café table overlooking the Piazza Doumo, alone and uncertain, rethinking my decision to stay behind.

Cade’s voice has risen to an angry pitch. “It’s just what?” he snipes, growing annoyed and impatient as he runs his hand through his tousled bedhead.

Blowing out a breath, I come clean. “I’m stranded. In Florence. I’m down to my last few Euro’s that will only get me through the night, and my wallet and my passport were stolen last night. I was hoping…”

I’m unable to finish the sentence when he interrupts.

“Jesus H. Christ. You’re stranded in fucking Italy? What is the matter with you, Kady? Can’t you ever do anything without it becoming a full-on drama?”

While his assessment of my past behavior is rather hurtful, but perhaps accurate, I try to hold myself together. Being respectful of the time and his whereabouts, I place my finger against my closed lips, asking him to be quieter.

“Pipe down, Mr. Hostile. You’re going to wake Ainsley and Anika. What I was trying to say is that until I’m able to pull more money out of my trust fund, which I can’t get to right now until I have an ID, I need some help. It’s just a temporary loan until I can pay you back at the beginning of the month.”

To fund my trip of a lifetime, I’d tapped into my trust fund established by my grandparents when I was a kid. I’m only allowed a specific withdrawal amount every month until I turn twenty-one, unless I have a specific purchase that supports my future – like oh, for example, college tuition.

Cade’s wheels are turning. I can see it in the flash of his blue eyes. I hold my breath and wait.

His response is emphatic. “No.”

My head jerks back with the force of his denial.

“No? Are you serious right now? You’re just going to leave me stranded here, alone, without any money? Without a place to stay? Cade, please…” My lip quivers in terror, and my whine is that of a two-year-old girl.

Even if I penny-pinch my meager allowance and find ways to be frugal with my day-to-day expenses for the next few weeks, it’s not enough to prevent me from ending up on the streets like a vagrant. I don’t know anyone in the city, or someone to crash with temporarily. No way to get a job. I’m helpless.

Cade shakes his head, clearly frustrated with me and my childish behavior.

“Listen,” he starts, rubbing his temples. “I didn’t say I wouldn’t help you. I’ll wire you enough to get you by for the next day or so. But Kady, you got yourself into this mess, you need to figure out a way out of it. I’m not going to just bail you out completely. It’s called being an adult. I think I may know a guy who’s over there right now playing ball for one of the Italian teams. He’s Christian Lancaster’s younger brother.”

I flip through my brain archives to see if I can recall ever meeting Christian. He played with Cade on his ASU basketball team. I think he was the tall, dopey guy I met a few times. He’s kind of an idiot.

As I’m mulling this over, the waitress from the café stops by my table and asks me if I’d like more coffee.

I nod my head and hand her my empty cup. “Si. Per favore. Grazie.”

Cade’s eyes bug out on the screen when the girl walks away.

“Wow, she was…”

I scowl at him for his indecent behavior. “Dude, you’re an engaged man. You can’t be looking at other women now.”

He laughs, taking a peak behind him at his closed bedroom door. Yeah, that’s what I thought. “You’re right.

But I’m not dead. A guy can admire a beautiful woman. Are all the Italian ladies that hot?”

From behind me I can hear the waitress snicker from inside the doorway of the little café.

“Yes, they are. And shush, she can hear you, ya know. And I’m sure Ainsley can, too. Don’t be such a douche canoe. You’ve got a gorgeous fiancée in your bed right now.”

Cade nods. “Yeah, I know. I’m a lucky son-of-a-bitch. Anyway, getting back to your predicament.”

I consider the options in front of me. I may be stuck in Firenze a little longer than I expected. Maybe I can get hired on in one of the businesses around here temporarily. And as far as accepting help from this guy, perhaps I could crash at his place for just a few nights until I can figure out a more sustainable plan.

“So, what’s this guy’s name and how do I get in touch with him?”

Cade’s typing something in his phone. Probably a text to Christian.

“It’s not a sure thing. I don’t even know if he’s in Florence or not. He might be on the road in an away game. But, for what it’s worth, his name is Gavin. And as soon I hear back from Christian, I’ll let you know. In the meantime, find me a place where I can send you some money.”

I smile sweetly at my older brother, tears prickling at the corner of my eyes. While we might have our differences, he’s always been someone I can count on. Maybe I don’t mind his Savior complex.

“Thanks, Cade,” I say, pressing my hand above my heart so he can see my sincerity. “I really appreciate this. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

I blow a kiss at the computer screen as he flips me off and grunts.

“Just stay out of any more trouble for now. Okay?”

I can make no such promises.

Chapter 2


Fuck, my knees hurt.

As do my shoulders, my back and my feet.

The only thing that might make it out of Bologna intact and in good shape is my dick. Which is currently being sucked off by a beautiful Italian girl. Yeah, my cock is feeling pretty damn good right now, helping me to forget all about my other aches and pains associated with the game of basketball.

The female fans in Italy are ravenous for American players. They are some of the best things about playing in Europe this year. I hate complaining about this opportunity, but the last few months have rather sucked for me. Not only have I never been away from home for this long, but my play has been totally off center lately. I can’t seem to hit the rim or the basket.

My entire future career is riding on my performance over the next few months of the season. If I don’t get my shit together, I might as well hang up my jersey and call it quits, because I’ll never get into the NBA like I want to.

While I was thrilled at first to experience life overseas, and I’m making a good living, doing what I love to do, I miss home. I miss my mom and my brother. My friends and just life in the U.S.

I don’t have any regrets about where I’m at right now. I just wish I could turn my play around. It makes me wonder if maybe I should’ve opted to go to college first. But I chose instead to draft overseas. It was the only option for a guy like me, because there was no way I was getting a scholarship to a four-year college.

Simply put, I couldn’t make the grade. While my basketball skills are strong, my scholastic ability lacks considerably. I barely squeaked by to graduation to earn my high school diploma. There was no way I could make the 2.5 grade point average required for a spot in college. Community college may have been an option, but I only wanted to play basketball, not go to class.

My dream since the fourth grade was to play pro basketball. And moving over to the European league was my best shot at it for my future.

My agent told me that it would provide me better eligibility when it came time to draft into the NBA. So, that’s what I did. I achieved a spot in the European Basketball Association (EUBA) playing for the Firenze Fury and moved to Italy six months ago.

The first three months were epic. Traveling around the country, playing against really competitive teams and becoming a big celebrity player, adored by Italian fans everywhere. What young guy doesn’t love that?

Unfortunately, the novelty began to wear off. My understanding of the language is limited – I have trouble enough reading and writing in my own English language, much less a foreign one – and the majority of Italians don’t bother trying to speak English.

Case in point, the chick whose lips and hands are currently wrapped around my dick.

It’s a good thing sex is a universal language and my body understood exactly what she wanted to do with me after tonight’s game. She was waiting outside when I came out of the arena, ready to commiserate our team’s loss with a few of the other players at a local tavern. And now I’m in the bathroom of the dingy bar getting a blow job.

Not a bad way to spend the evening.

My hand lands on top of her long hair, dark as Italian espresso, as her wide brown eyes find mine in the dim light of the bathroom. She moans and the vibration rattles through my shaft, my balls tightening as they ready to let go.

I drop my head against the concrete wall, growling in pleasure. “Fuck, yeah...veloce…buono...”

There are a few Italian words I’ve become familiar with. Veloce is faster and buono is good. And she is bella. Incredibly beautiful.

The girl continues sucking my cock into the back of her throat like a champ. I’m getting close, feeling the tingling sensation climb up my legs, ready to release my load into her mouth when my phone goes off in my pocket, temporarily ceasing her movement and distracting me from my pleasure.

The girl, I think her name is Natalia, lifts her brown-eyed gaze to me, her fingers stilling on my balls. I pause, waiting a beat to see if it’ll just go to voicemail. When the ringing stops, I give her a nod to continue.

“Ancora, per favore.” She understands my limited Italian request for more.

Natalia resumes her expert sucking, taking me deep into her mouth again so I hit the back of her throat. I groan wildly, so close to shooting my load when my damn phone goes off again.

“Fuck.” I grit out impatiently.

I slam my palm against the cold wall behind me, the noise reverberating across the stall, but Natalia waves me off. Her only concern seems to be getting me off. And fuck, I want that too. I’m desperate for it.

She hums against my stiff cock and nothing can stop me now as I begin to come in long jets down her throat, my hand tightening at her scalp as I pulse through the pleasure.

“So good,” I murmur, dropping my hand from her head, watching her through my euphoria-filled eyes as she slides her lips off my wet dick. She grins a sexy smile, wiping her mouth in clear satisfaction.

My legs are unsteady and feel like putty, either from the awesome orgasm or from after-game exhaustion. I breathe in deep, trying to regain my balance and lending her my hand to assist her up to her feet. I place a quick kiss to the tip of her nose.

​Sliding my now limp dick back into my pants, my phone goes off once again.

Natalia says something in Italian which sounds a lot like annoyance and I shrug, grabbing the phone from my pocket.

“Yo. Speak.”

I’m hoping my tone will tell the caller that I’m not in the mood to hold a conversation. I have other things to do tonight. Specifically, the woman in front of me, with the plump cleavage and nipples poking through her blouse.

I can tell immediately that the caller isn’t local because there’s a crackly pause before I hear the voice on the line. It’s a male voice I don’t recognize.

“Hey, is this Gavin Lancaster?”

Puzzled by who’s calling, I pull the phone from my head and look at the display. It’s a Phoenix area code. I recognize it because that’s where I’m from. Or at least, where we’ve lived the last four years since my brother, Christian, has attended Arizona State University.

“Yep, you got me. Who is this?”

My attention is only half on the conversation as I watch Natalia begin to unbutton her blouse, her fingers teasingly playing with each pearl button, giving me a peep show with each flick of her wrist. Her eyes rake over my chest and down my torso as she bites her bottom lip. My dick perks back up in my pants at the offer of a second round. Preferably this time I’ll get inside the busty little Italian minx.

I raise my eyebrows to show my appreciation as she opens her shirt to display a lacy black bra, her luscious tits spilling over the top of the cups. I reach a hand out to squeeze the firm flesh in front of me and she gives a sexy moan.

“…name is Cade Griffin…”

Huh? This gets my attention and I quickly drop my hand, as if I’ve been caught in the act. As if he’s just opened the door to the stall and found me fondling this woman.

I search my brain for a recollection. The name Cade Griffin sounds familiar, but I’m still stuck in a post-orgasm daze. Could it be the same Cade that played with Christian at ASU? My attention snaps from the fabulous rack in front of me and back to the phone conversation.

Shifting my body, I move away from Natalia, turning my shoulder toward her and staring off toward the wall.

“Oh, right. Cade. Howya doing, man?”

“I’m good, bruh. Really good. But I have a favor to ask of you.”

My interest is now at an all-time high, as I’m more than a little curious as to why Cade Griffin, All-American basketball player is calling me and what favor he could possibly need.

I hold a finger up to Natalia, requesting a moment in the universal language everyone knows. She gives me a sexy little pout with her lips and a breathy huff. God, I must be crazy to stop the action she’s willing to give.

The line goes a little scratchy, probably because I’m still standing in a little concrete box of a bathroom. I open the door to the stall and step out into the small room that smells distinctly of urine and bleach. Not a very romantic place to sex up a hot woman.

“Un momento,” I offer apologetically to Natalia, pointing toward the hallway door as she sighs at my departure. Opening the bathroom door, the sound of the bar sweeps over me as I step outside and head toward the exit.

I must be insane to walk away from such a willing and sexy woman, but this phone call from Cade could be something important. Maybe it’s about my brother. What if something happened to him? Panic pushes through my veins as I finally get out to a small covered patio.

“Okay, I’m back. Sorry, I couldn’t hear you very well. I’m in a bar in Bologna.”

“Ah, sorry man. I didn’t mean to interrupt. I’ll make this quick. Christian mentioned that you live in Florence and because you’re on the road quite a bit, your place is empty a lot of the time. So, I’m hoping you’d do me a solid…you see, my little sister, Kadence, is in Florence right now. On her last dollar with nowhere to go and no one she knows there. She doesn’t normally ask for my help, so I know she’s in a tight spot. I was hoping you wouldn’t mind letting her crash on your couch for a few nights until she can work out a plan to get back home.”

Since most of the blood was down in my cock the last twenty minutes, my brain makes a valiant effort to catch up to what Cade is talking about. The words favor, little sister and couch all mingle into one jumbled sentence.

“I’m sorry. What?”

I know I can be dense at times, but this request is so out of the blue, as if he’s speaking in another foreign language that I don’t understand, that I need him to repeat it.

His laugh is low and earnest. “Yeah, I know it’s a bit out there. Kadence, my sister, needs a place to stay. I’d be forever in your debt if you could help her out. All I ask is that you meet her and if you find out it won’t work to have her crashing with you, maybe you could just give her some other options so she can find a place to stay for a few days. Anything would be appreciated,” he rambles, taking a deep breath before he continues.

“Listen, I’ll be honest with you. My sister…well, she can be a handful. She’s a free spirit and is very impulsive and wild, if you know what I mean. That’s what sent her traipsing off on this crazy trip to Europe in the first place. She doesn’t think before she acts. But I swear, she’ll only be there for a few days, a week, tops. She promised to be on her best behavior and will stay out of your hair. I just want her to be safe. She’s my little sister and I don’t want her to get into any more trouble.”

What the fuck am I supposed to say to that? The desperation in his voice clogs the phone line, like sludge or mud seeping across the Atlantic.

I’ve met Cade a few times. I know that Christian regards him with the utmost respect and says he’s a decent guy. Telling him no is not an option. There’s no doubt that Cade would do the same thing if the tables were turned and if it was my brother asking him for help. So, there’s only one thing I can say.

“Absolutely, bro. No problem at all. I’m happy to help your little sister. There is one small thing, though.”

There’s a tense pause before he speaks again and I can hear the worry in his response. “What’s that?”

My eyes move around the cobblestone street outside the back door of the tavern. The team is still here tonight and we don’t return to Florence until tomorrow morning.

“I’m here in Bologna tonight and the team won’t be heading back to Florence until tomorrow morning. Will your sister be okay until then? Otherwise, I can call my landlady to see if she can let her in.”

I can hear Cade’s relief as he exhales into the phone. “Ah, shit. I thought it was something worse,” he laughs good-naturedly. “Kady’s got a place for tonight. And I’m wiring her some money to get her by for at least a week until she can get her ID and passport situation taken care of. She won’t be mooching off you, bro. I swear.”

“Dude, I’m not worried about that at all.”

“Great, man. So where can I tell her she can meet up with you tomorrow? What time works best for you?”

I recommend a place just across the piazza from my flat, which is in the Mercato Centrale and the Basilica of San Lorenzo. Everything’s in walking distance in Florence, but I’m only a few blocks from the main train station.

Cade ends the call by thanking me again for my willingness to help his sister.

“Just knowing there’s someone else in the same city that I trust gives me a tremendous amount of relief. I can’t thank you enough, Gavin.”

He gives me her cell and says he’ll call Kadence right away.

As I hang up, I realize that I forgot to ask him what she looks like or get a description of who I should look for. I have no idea how I’ll recognize her when I meet her.

All I can picture is Cade’s face. And while I’m sure he’s admired by throngs of women for his pretty boy looks, I can’t imagine a girl possessing similar masculine features. That would be weird and creepy.

God, what if she’s hideous and that’s why Cade didn’t mention it. An involuntary shiver runs down my spine as I imagine her looking like the ogre-Fiona from Shrek. Or worse, the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Or even the witch from Snow White.

Laughing to myself over my lame animated references, I decide to head back to the hotel for the night instead of going back inside to locate Natalia. Maybe that’s a prick move, and I should feel bad for leaving and not returning the favor, but she knew the score when she took me into the bathroom to blow me.

Shaking off my guilty conscience, my mind begins to wander as I consider the changes I might have to make over the next week while having a female house guest. I’ve never had a female roommate before. In fact, I’ve never even brought a girl into my flat. That’s been intentional. Once a chick knows where you live, there are expectations. And my sole focus is on my game and future, not on getting involved with anyone.

My imagination gets the best of me as I picture pink towels, hair products and tampons strewn across my bathroom counter.

Shit, I didn’t think this through very well.

But then I’m struck with another thought.

What if she’s fucking hot? What if she likes to walk around the flat in skimpy lingerie? Tiny boy shorts and tank tops? Those are my kryptonite.

I adjust my stiffening length in my shorts as I make my way down the quiet street toward my hotel.

This favor for Cade just got really complicated in my over-active imagination. If she does turn out to be any of these things, how will I be able to keep my hands off her out of respect for Cade? He is adamant about keeping his sister safe – probably away from guys who think like me. He even said he trusts me. Which means his little sister is strictly off limits while she’s here.

​As I walk by a small Duomo at the corner of the piazza, I make the sign of the cross and say a little prayer that Kadence Griffin will turn out to be a homely, nun-like prude. That way, I’ll have no problem keeping my word and keeping my hands off her.

Let’s hope my prayers are answered.

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