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Dreams Do Come True...

This is what it looks like when dreams come true, my friends. In a million, gazillion years I wouldn’t have ever considered being interviewed and spotlighted on USA Today’s Happy Ever After column. But there you have it! It happened and I’m honored and thrilled.

Read the interview here.

Sweet Disaster, my ninth full-length romance, and the 4th in The Sweetest Thing series, was just published on July 13th and received a spot on the daily HEA interview/author spotlight. What an honor it is. I hope you’ll consider reading it and find out a little about my writing process and what went into developing the characters and storyline in Sweet Disaster.

Reviews are coming in for it now and readers seem to like the chemistry between Kady Griffin and Gavin Lancaster. It’s nice to hear that Kady – the rebellious middle child in the Griffin family – is connecting with many of you. She was a really tough character to write and very different from my other female main characters in this series. But her story needed to be told. She doesn’t fit the typical mold and so it makes her unique and different.

Pick up your copy of Sweet Disaster now at these ebook retailers. And THANK YOU for your continued love and support of this series!

Buy Links for Sweet Disaster:

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