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Don't Be Afraid - Change Is Good!

In my March newsletter, I provided the blurb and cover reveal of my upcoming book, Physical Connection, and noticed that I had more than a handful of readers unfollow and unsubscribe immediately afterward. That isn’t all that unusual, except for the numbers. Maybe I am too naïve, or something, but I was honestly surprised. I attributed this marked decrease of subscribers to the topic of the book and the mere idea that I would write something they don’t agree with. Yes, my upcoming novella is a gay romance. *GASP*

Let me tell you a little something about myself. Many years ago, I couldn’t even watch Six Feet Under on HBO when the two male characters were kissing. At the time, it wasn’t for me. But I’ve changed. I’ve become more open and tolerant and interested in non-hetero sexuality. I see and feel things differently now and I think it has a lot to do with the romance book industry. I now find that two sexy, hot men are beautiful when they kiss and express themselves the same way hetero couples do when they love one another.

Okay, so where does that leave my readers? Not everyone is on the same page. It is certainly not my intention to sway any of my readers with my opinions or stories. This is just to let you know how I feel about gay romance and where I stand on the subject.

For those of you who are reading this, let me address a few things and answer some questions:

  • Does this mean you’ll only write in the m/m genre going forward?

    • No, not at all. I’ve been wanting to dabble in a different genre and thought this was the perfect opportunity to finish out my Physical series. I have plenty of m/f romances on the list for this year, plus a ménage serial that will be coming out, too.

  • A ménage? What the heck? What does that mean?

    • After reading a few threesome books (mostly m/m/f) I got the bug and came up with a storyline that I think will work. I’ll split it into three short books and release them in sequence. This should come out later this year.

  • Why would you write a gay romance?

    • It’s a genre I’ve begun to read over the last two years and it interested me. As a writer, I need to keep challenging myself and pushing myself to accomplish different goals. This was one of those goals.

  • Are you trying to prove something?

    • Ha! No, not at all. I just believe in the freedom that people have to love the way they want. That we as a human race are evolving and becoming more open (I hope) to all different forms of love, sexuality and identity. It doesn’t mean that I understand it all, but I’m accepting of it and want to believe that love can conquer all. And where best to do that than in fiction romance?

  • I would never read a m/m romance and don’t think I’ll give yours a try.

    • That’s cool and absolutely your right not to read this romance genre. That’s the beauty of books and fiction – there’s always something of interest and other books to read! But, I hope that it won’t prevent you from reading my other books in the future. I’ll keep writing them – in all various forms – and would love for you to continue the journey with me.

  • How did you write a m/m love scene – you’re a straight woman!

    • I sure am, and it was a blast to get creative. I actually relied on help from a former colleague of mine, a gay married man, who was gracious enough to open up to me and answer the questions I had about the life of a gay man. What it was like to come out to his family and friends, what the gay bar scene is like, and well, you know…the other dirty stuff that goes on. SEX! I wanted my characters to be realistic and accurate.

I hope that answers your questions about my foray into gay romance. If you’re open to giving it a try and have never read one before, would love your feedback on it! That’s how I improve my writing style and skills is through feedback from you.

Thank you!



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