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Changes in the time of a pandemic...

Change in Strategy, the second standalone book in the Change of Hearts series is NOW LIVE. Funny to think that this series is all about the people that change our lives and the way we think and live, and love, and we’re in the midst of necessary changes in our real lives right now.

These are scary times, there is no doubt. But panic leads to stress, which leads to illness, both mental and physical, and depression. We have to keep ourselves lifted and find coping mechanisms that work for us to get through this together (at a safe distance, of course).

I admit, I’ve felt that same surge of panic creep into my life as the rest of the world. So, here are some things I’m doing to stave off depression and anxiety:

1. Limiting my time on social media

2. Moving around – staying physically active (walks, dancing, strength conditioning and yoga)

3. Turning off the TV and playing games with my spouse (we’ve had “happy hour” every evening around 4pm and play cribbage and Sequence, two of my favorite games)

4. READING – I’ve read three books in the last two weeks (which is a lot for me, although I haven’t written much the past 10 days, but that’s normal during a release month)

What are some things you’re doing?

I’d love for you to read my latest book, Change in Strategy. Here are some early reviews of Peyton and Brody’s office romance story.


“I love how very real Sierra’s characters are. They face issues that we all deal with and can easily identify with, but more than anything they are characters who just want to be loved for who they are and that’s something I think we all have felt!” – Trish, Words We Love By blog


“Sierra Hill is an amazing author who creates storylines that intrigue us and capture our attention, and characters that pull on our heart strings, who we will never forget.” – Lisa, Goodreads reviewer


“This story is a must-read office romance, I could not put it down.” – Cristina, Goodreads reviewer


“LOVED! Wow! I was sucked into this book from the very beginning - I could not put this one down!” - Messy Bun Book Blog

Purchase NOW for the prerelease price of $1.99

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