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Black History Month and Color Theory anthology...

Last May, after the tragic death of George Floyd and subsequent protests across the country related to the social injustices and the unnecessary police shootings and violence, my friend and sensitivity editor, Renita McKinney of A Book a Day Author Services, decided enough was enough. She was tired of the constant negativity and wanted to put her actions where her mouth was – in doing something about it. Changing perception, incorporating diversity in romance books, and encouraging the education of Black youth.

Renita took action and sent out a call to action to authors to write and create original stories dedicated to demonstrating that love happens across borders, racial divides and skin color. And so her story began – the anthology of A Book A Day Presents: Color Theory. 17 Exclusive ALL-NEW romance stories by bestselling authors about couples who defy convention and follow their hearts.

These stories are all brand new and only available in this box set anthology.

Love is blind, but it's never easy. A Book a Day Presents: Color Theory is a collection of stories about love that is determined not by the color of one's skin, but by the connection of two hearts. They face challenges, but together they not only overcome—but soar. These couples know the color of one's skin can't determine who a person loves. Love is so much more.

This amazing anthology will only be available for a short time, and all the proceeds will go to the education of students of color. A Book A Day is teaming with a local organization in Renita’s hometown of San Antonio to provide scholarships to Black students that wish to expand their education beyond high school.

I am honored to have my short story, Above the Rim, featured in this collection of books. I hope you’ll consider purchasing this exclusive boxset now and help these students in their endeavor to enrich their lives and their educational knowledge.

​One-Click Color Theory and Enjoy:

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