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Baby Got Back

Backlist, that is…

As a writer, and as a reader, I think we become consumed with the exciting prospects of something new. Marketing and advertising promotes the “newer is better” concept in everything we see, hear and read. New and Improved! New Look! New Flavor! And the same applies to books.

Prolific authors have to put out new books every two to three months to stay relevant and in the market place. We are inundated every day by all the latest and greatest. But with all the shiny and new, we tend to forget about the books from the past…they somehow get left behind and end up going to live in the Land of the Forgotten. (sad panda)

As an established indie author, I’ve tried to write and publish three to four books a year since I began publishing in 2014. So far, I have 11 titles in my backlist. Have you read them all? Many reviews that I receive indicate that the book the reader just read was their “first book by Sierra Hill” and that they’re going to go read the rest of the books in my series or backlist. That’s what every author loves to hear!

This month, I’ve decided to dust off some of my older titles to get readers interested in them again – to hopefully encourage more readership. With that said, I have done the following with these books:

One More Minute with You (Rock Star romance) is now a FREE download on Book Funnel. You can get a copy HERE.

Character Flaws is FREE on Kindle Unlimited. (RomCom)

Sweetness is FREE on Kindle Unlimited or 99c without KU (Book 1 in The Sweetest Thing series)

The Reunion is FREE on Kindle Unlimited or 99c without KU (a second-chance Novella)

What are you waiting for? Now’s the perfect time, if you haven’t read any of these books, to pick them up and enjoy some fictional ‘me time’.

​But don’t worry…I have more coming out soon! I am scheduled to publish Physical Connection, my first m/m gay romance (a novella) in mid to late April. This is a short-story to cap off The Physical Series, my erotic contemporary. Follow me on Instagram and Facebook in my reader group, Sierra’s Sexy Swooners, for sexy teasers and excerpts in the next month.

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