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Aging Parents, Award Winning Book, The BIG 5-0 and New Audiobook Release...

So much is going on in the month of October for me and I wanted to highlight all the good things that have me reflecting on how blessed I am to live the life that I do.

I’m currently writing this post from my parents’ home in Phoenix, AZ, where I’ve come down to visit my ailing father. The last time I visited was pre-pandemic, back in mid-January. Since then, my dad’s health has declined rapidly, and he’s had surgery and radiation for melanoma that’s reached his leg bone. It’s so difficult to see him in such pain and be unable to do anything for him. And my mother, bless her soul, is doing the best she can to care for him even though she’s not in the best shape, either, and struggles to walk.

I know so many of us go through these hardships and it’s tough to manage and know what to do in these situations. Especially when we don’t live near our families, which is the case in my case. If you read this and have suggestions on how to manage these things from afar, I’d greatly appreciate an email with your thoughts.

But I digress. This month has also been a celebration, which included a new book releasing (Stuck-Up Big Shot in all formats) and my sports romance, Game Changer, which won the 2020 RONE Award prize for best romance in the Cops, Jocks and Cowboys category! What an honor and I’m so humbled by the recognition given this single father of a special needs boy and nanny romance.

I also just released a new audiobook. My 3-book menage serial, Reckless: The Smoky Mountain Trio is now available in ebook, print and in Audible. Narrated by the amazing team of Kylie Stewart and Teddy Hamilton, this 9.5-hour audiobook is an epic, steamy tale of an unconventional love between London, Cameron and Sage, three lifelong friends who soon realize their love is something unique and special.

You can listen to it on Audible here:

And lastly, I’m saying goodbye to my 40’s as I turn 50 on October 28th. While it’s not the birthday bash I had hoped for, at least I’m able to celebrate it with all those that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Stay tuned for upcoming teasers of the third and final book in the Change of Hearts series, Change of Course, which will be releasing in early December.

Until then, Be Sweet, Love Hard and Read Dirty.


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