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A Thanksgiving Short Story, Series and Giveaway

With the holidays approaching fast, we all need some time to just shut down for a bit and unwind. My author friends and I have just the thing for you!

We have a Thanksgiving-themed series entitled Second Helpings. Each author has written a very, very short story featuring a second-chance storyline, all set at the Thanksgiving table.

Some are funny. Some sweet. But all of them are sexy.

Check out all the fun and quick holiday stories by these other incredible authors: Frankie Love, Alexis Adaire, Tessa Blake, Olivia Hawthorne, Laney Powell, Vivian Ward, Derek Masters, Dori Lavelle, Sher Dillard and Tracy Lorraine.

​My story is entitled Whipped. All the stories release on Monday November 19th.

Check out the information on my FB group or the Book Hangover Lounge for more details.

And the blurb and purchase link for Whipped is below.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday, my friends!

xoxo, Sierra

Whipped (A Second Helpings story) –

He was her first kiss.

Her teenage crush.

The guy she pined after for years.

He is also her older brother’s best friend who dissed her when he left without a backwards glance. As if she was as forgettable as that kiss they shared.

Now four years later, Jase Lathrop sits across the holiday dinner table from Cecelia Sundstrom, looking at her as if he wants to stuff her like the Thanksgiving turkey.

Cecelia might still be angry at Jase for leaving her, but it is Thanksgiving. And there’s always room for a second helping.

*After reading this series, you’ll never look at drumsticks or gravy in quite the same way again.

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