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Time For Change...

The past three weeks we have seen history in the making. We’ve seen a black man die at the hands of a white police officer, we’ve seen worldwide protests and riots, we’ve witnessed unnecessary police force, we’ve heard tons of rhetoric and response to the racial injustice and inequality in America. We’ve been re-educated on what it means to have white privilege. We’ve seen the beginning of change in America.

We’ve also seen leaders fail and continue in their racist ways. But despite that, we’ve also seen people rise to the occasion and stand up for Black Lives Matter.

This is what change looks like. It’s scary. It can be uncomfortable. But it shouldn’t be for people of color. It’s necessary. And it certainly doesn’t matter if it’s scary or uncomfortable for white people.

This is the time for those with white privilege to be shaken – to be woke – to feel uncomfortable! That’s what it will take to make change happen. To realize things in this country are not great. Things are not, and haven’t been, safe for people of color for hundreds of years. And the only ones who can really help to solve this problem are those who hold that white privilege.

“It became clear over time that white people have extremely low thresholds for enduring any discomfort associated with challenges to our racial worldviews.” Robin DiAngelo

You might ask why I’m sharing this statement in a blog that is about my books. Well, it’s because my books are about love. Love of all kind.

I stand with the Black community who are hurt and affected daily by racial injustice. I strongly oppose racial injustice in all forms, and I support equality.

I’m also using this platform to speak out and to offer my commitment to reeducate myself on what it means to be an anti-racist, what it means to allow for inclusion, compassion, fairness and understanding. And to help educate others on how to contribute.

For those who wish to learn more or find a way to contribute, I’ve borrowed this list from an email I received from the Romance Writers of America.

To Learn:

To Donate:

Be Sweet. Love Hard. Read Dirty.


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